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Larry Schultz grew up in a small town in Wisconsin with a never-ending desire to see as much of his surroundings as possible. What influenced him most artistically was his love for nature and the outdoors. Sometimes studying the smallest details hidden in the grass or the grains of wood in an old barn would expand his view of creation leading him to apply what he saw to paper and canvas.

Inspired by his mother's simple drawing of a house and encouragement to develop his natural talent launched Larry's strong interest in art as a small boy and continued throughout his artistic career. HE took as many art classes that were allowed through grade school and high school advancing his art education with degrees in Commmercial Art and Art Education. He has taught art, conducted painting workshops, designed murals for theaters, homes, and public spaces and participated in juried exhibitions.

He has been the recipient of numerous awards and honors and much of his art has been featured on magazine covers, posters, speciality items and fine art prints. His work is included in public and private art galleries and has sold all over the United States, England, Belgium, Germany, Japan and China.

He is accomplished in a variety of mediums including watercolor, pencil, pen and ink and sculpture, but oil is what brings him the most enjoyment. Whether painting landscapes, animals, portraits or figurative works, his paintings express the balance between the intimacy and emotion he feels with nature (or creation) and the detail and mood of his subject.


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